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Whole Leaf Tobacco Shredders

Check out our selection of manual & electric tobacco shredding devices...

Electric Tobacco Leaf Shredder

Electric Tobacco Leaf Shredder

This electric tobacco leaf shredder offers an easy and affordable way to break down whole tobacco leaves when rolling your own tobacco. This machine is built to last through years of tobacco shredding! [LOWEST priced electric shredder!]

Coarse Cut Electric Tobacco Shredder Machine

Coarse Cut Electric Tobacco Shredder Machine

The largest and most powerful shredder we carry. Great for making shisha, but is excellent for any and all purposes.

Powermatic Tobacco Shredder

Powermatic Tobacco Shredder

The Powermatic Tobacco Shredder is for serious tobacco enthusiasts with serious whole leaf tobacco shredding needs. It works with the stem intact and it cuts flawlessly in one single pass.

Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder

Tabletop Fine Cut Shredder

After many requests, we at are proud to be carrying this higher quality fine cut shredder. The quality craftsmanship of this product is only outdone by its superb performance.

Manual Tobacco Leaf Cutter

Manual Tobacco Leaf Cutter

This manual tobacco leaf cutter offers the ultimate convenience when to breaking down your tobacco for cigarette making.

Types of Tobacco Accessories

The tools of the trade for MYO / RYO cigarettes and cigars and more...

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Cigar Tobacco: Wrapper Grade

Cigar Tobacco: Fronto Leaf

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