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Ecuadorian Ligero Shade Wrapper

ecuadorian ligero shade wrapper


Ecuadorian Ligero Shade Leaf Wrapper

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Our Habano 2000 Seed Ecuadorian Ligero Shade Wrapper is similar to the Ecuadorian Seco and Viso Shade Wrapper varieties, but it is much darker and thicker of a leaf.  Visually, it is quite similar to our Mexican San Andres Wrapper, but with it’s own distinct Ecuadorian flavor.


Our Ecuadorian Ligero Shade Wrapper is known for being thicker, and more full-bodied then it’s Seco and Viso cousins.  These Ecuadorian Shade Wrappers are known for their beauty and are highly sought out by the cigar manufacturing industry.

These shade leaves are much larger than they look in the image.  These leaves arrive traditionally tied in hands and fan out to create the illusion of smaller bundles.  Keep in mind that shade grown tobacco is usually much more fragile in comparison to sun grown wrappers (Maduros and Oscuros) and often require a bit of finesse to use effectively.  But don’t worry as this leaf can and should be processed like all other tobacco leaf wrappers.  This leaf was grown in the country of Ecuador from the Habano 2000 seed.

One of the most interesting tidbits about this leaf is that it is “cloud grown”, instead of in actual shade tents (how they grow it in Connecticut). The region they are grown has consistent daily cloud coverage (conveniently in the mountainous foothills of Ecuador), which diffuses the light like a traditional cheesecloth shade tent would!


Preparing the Ecuadorian Ligero Shade Leaf Wrapper for use:

Our whole leaf tobacco always arrives fresh, but it helps to know how to handle it upon receipt of shipment. To learn more watch our complete video tutorial about Handling & Storage of Whole Leaf Tobacco.


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LBS Price
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20-49 $36.00
50-99 $33.00
100-199 $28.00
200-499 $25.00
500-999 $23.00
1000+ $21.00

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