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2LS Connecticut Broadleaf Binder

2ls connecticut broadleaf2LS Connecticut Broadleaf Binder

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The 2LS Connecticut Broadleaf have a distinctly popular light tone.  The outside of the wrapper is a pungent tan brown, while it’s soft and darker on the inner side.  It is used primarily as binder due to minor tears.  This leaf is graded as 2LS due to the minor damage.  Be sure to also check out our 1LS Broadleaf tobacco.

  • The 2LS Connecticut Broadleaf is medium in tone and has a clean/smooth smell when wet.
  • The 2LS Connecticut Broadleaf can be somewhat fragile when moist, but has good elasticity if handled with care.  Moisten with a damp towel or spray bottle and let the moisture even out in a plastic bag.
  • As a filler the 2LS Connecticut Broadleaf is considered smooth, bold and strong in flavor… yet not overwhelming.
  • As a binder this leaf has average elasticity.  The bass note is considered clear and mild, which is very desirable.
  • As a wrapper, the 2LS Connecticut Broadleaf is clean and smooth.  It becomes lighter after rolling it.  When smoked, it produces a clean white ash.
  • It is difficult to find leaves without holes, so it is recommended to wrap twice around your favorite cigar filler / whole leaf tobacco!


Approximate # of leaves per pound: 32 Approximate leaf dimensions: 25in x 11in


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LBS Price
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50-99 $12.00
100-199 $11.00
200-499 $10.00
500-999 $9.00
1000+ $8.00

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2LS Connecticut Broadleaf Binder

2LS Connecticut Broadleaf Binder

The 2LS Connecticut Broadleaf have a distinctly popular light tone. The outside of the wrapper is a pungent tan brown, while it’s soft and darker on the inner side. It is used primarily as binder due to minor tears.

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