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CT 08 Aged Connecticut Broadleaf

aged broadleaf

The CT ’08 Aged Broadleaf

was $24.99 / LB

Now Only $19.99 / LB

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The CT 08 Aged Broadleaf is a beautifully aged tobacco leaf!  Given proper time to age, this versatile leaf is a valuable and coveted component to any cigar maker’s kit!

  • CT Aged Broadleaf Tobacco Leaves are unselected, meaning you will find leaves of all grades, including wrapper, binder, and filler when you buy a pound or more.
  • This aged broadleaf is thin and has a medium-dark brown color.
  • Distinctively Aged, this CT 08 Aged Broadleaf tobacco leaves work well for all types of cigar blends and uses.

This aged broadleaf tobacco is also a great cigar wrapper leaf, binder, and even filler blends.  Experimenting is one of the funnest parts of MYO Tobacco Leaves, so be sure to find what works best for YOU!


Interested in purchasing a quantity of CT ’08 Aged Broadleaf at the incredible prices listed below? Contact us to set up your order now.



LBS Price
10-19 $17.00
20-49 $16.00
50-99 $14.00
100-199 $13.00
200-499 $12.00
500-999 $10.00
1000+ $9.00

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Medium Connecticut Broadleaf

Medium Connecticut Broadleaf

The medium Connecticut broadleaf is similar to Maduro thanks to it's dark texture, and it is also larger and thinner at the same time.

1DW Connecticut Maduro Broadleaf

1DW Connecticut Maduro Broadleaf

The QB52 Fronto Leaf (L) is a darker version of the standard QB52 tobacco leaf.

Havana Primed Broadleaf

Havana Primed Broadleaf

This kind of broadleaf is very tough to find at an affordable price, grab it at these rock bottom prices while you can!

Havana #7 Broadleaf

Havana #7 Broadleaf

The Havana #7 CT Broadleaf is known for it's light color and fresh appearance. It is also quite large!

1LS Connecticut Broadleaf

1LS Connecticut Broadleaf

The 1LS Connecticut Broadleaf is one of our most popular middle tone wrapper leaves.

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