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Tobacco Leaf… It’s What We Specialize In!

Tobacco Leaf… It’s What We Specialize In!

At Wholeaf Tobacco we specialize in all types of whole tobacco leaf.  With all tobacco we sell, we keep the leaf and stem intact!  This is important, as that is what constitutes whole leaf tobacco.  Whole leaves are basically unmanufactured, and just remain the raw product that they are.  Purchasing tobacco leaf in the whole leaf format can be a significant cost savings, since there is no commercial ‘tobacco tax’ involved with the sale of whole tobacco leaf (unless you are in Florida, the one state with a whole leaf tobacco tax.)tobacco-leaf


“Whole Leaf Tobacco is not exposed to all the chemicals used by the commercial tobacco industry”



One of the other not spoken enough benefits of whole leaf tobacco, is that you are using an all natural product that only comes into contact with the pesticides involved with the grow process. These are cleaned off the leaf come harvest time.  When you indulge in whole tobacco leaf, you are avoiding the thousands of life threatening chemicals that exist in commercial tobacco products.  Even this one reason alone (not to mention the cost savings) is enough to justify the switch to whole leaf tobacco for any tobacco smoking enthusiast.



We Have Tobacco Leaf For All Purposes!

We carry top quality whole leaf tobacco for all purposes.  Whether you want to roll your own cigars, make your own cigarettes, chewing tobacco or any other ‘tobacco leaf’ based product… we have the tobacco leaf that you are looking for!


tobacco-leafWant Tobacco Leaf To Roll Your Own Cigars?

We have a full line of cigar tobacco leaf.  Tobacco leaves that are ideal for wrapping, binding and filling premium cigars that you can roll yourself.  We carry a full line of wrapper grade leaf, from the popular broadleaf varieties to the connecticut fronto leaf.  We have premium connecticut broadleaf binder and any cigar filler that you could be looking for.  Our cigar filler tobacco leaf is imported from places such as the Dominican, Nicaragua, Colombia, Cameroon & Indonesia.




Click Here To Check Out More Cigar Wrapper Leaves

Cigar molds, cutters and more… We have all the tools of the trade that you’ll need to roll your own cigars like a pro.

Click here for Cigar Rolling Accessories




Cigar Rolling Newbie?

You’d like to order some tobacco leaf for rolling your own cigars but you are not sure where to start?  Then you need to take a look at our suggested combination packs!  (You can even save money with them as opposed to buying these tobacco leaf varieties separate!)
We have suggested combinations of cigar wrapper, binder and filler leaf for smokers of all types.  Whether you enjoy a smooth and mild cigar or a strong and bold smoke, we will have an ideal tobacco leaf combination that will be right for you!
We have combination packs in small (2 LB) and large sizes (5 LB)!


Want Tobacco Leaf For Making Your Own Cigarettes?

We have that too!  You can let your imagination run wild and try a thousand different combinations with all the variety we have available!  Just starting out and not sure which tobacco leaf to blend?  We have suggested combination packs that come in small (2 LB) and large (5 LB) sizes, that will satisfy any type of smoker.  Whether you prefer a light and smooth toke, or a bold and strong smoke… we are sure to have a combination that is perfectly suited to your tastes!  These are known blends that you can experiment with and change the proportions of the blend to your liking as you discover your preference.

Click here for Cigarette Tobacco Combination Packs


Are You Looking For Organic Cigarette Tobacco?

We have it in two varieties and they blend extremely well together.  First you have the Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured which brights a light and smooth flavor to the mix.  Then you have the Organic American Virginia Flue Cured, which brings a bolder and stronger flavor into the blend.  Mix more of one or the other leaf into your blend, according to your own personal preferences…



Looking for Fronto Leaf Tobacco?

Whether you are a merchant that wants a packaged product stocking their shelves, or a distributor who’d like to buy a wholesale quantity… we have the fronto leaf tobacco that you are looking for!  Typically people are want fronto leaf tobacco for 3 different uses.  First off, there are some excellent cigar wrapper leaves in the fronto leaf category.  Many people prefer to use fronto leaves to ‘roll up’ their tobacco cigarettes and other roll your own uses.  QB52 Fronto Leaf, Connecticut Fronto Leaf and Dark Air Cured (CLO) are three of the best kinds of fronto for wrapper use!


For our customer’s who prefer a darker wrapper grade fronto leaf, we recommend the QB52 Fronto (L) and the Fronto Dark Air Cured (GR).


Then there is the term ‘Grabba Leaf’, which is basically the same exact thing as fronto leaf.  However the difference lays in how the leaf is smoked.  When someone is talking about smoking ‘Grabba’ they are going to either break that leaf down into bits or strips and smoke it accordingly.  Dark Air Cured (ALO), Dark Air Cured (GR) and Dark Fire Cured are the preferred types for use as grabba leaf.


Looking for Tobacco Accessories?

We also carry all the tools and accessories that you’d need to easily make your own cigarettes.. and with outstanding quality! From cigarette injectors, manual & electric shredders and more!

Click Here To Browse Our Cigar & Cigarette Making Accessories


We offer a superior single leaf packaged product for the merchants who want to keep their daily fronto customers happy… And deal with none of the hassle of packaging your own product!


We offer three different kinds of fronto in sealed (re-sealable) packaging.  Our Fronto leaf packages come in: Medium, CT Fronto & Dark.


We also offer the Premium Connecticut Shade Leaf as a ‘single’ packaged leaf.  Click Here for more info about CT Shade Leaf.


What makes us special in the world of fronto, is that we actually pack all of our leaves FRESH TO ORDER!  We always get fresh leaf packages onto your store shelves, which will in turn keep your customers very happy and returning consistently!

If you are a wholesaler / distributor and would like to buy our fronto leaf package it yourself, we offer some of the best prices in the industry.  We are YOUR solution for massive quantity of fronto leaf or most any other whole leaf tobacco that we offer.  Call us to discuss wholesale quantity pricing on any of our various tobaccos.


Call us at 1-802-776-8983 If you have any questions about your tobacco, or are just looking for some advice to help you make an order.



Caleb Wright

Wholesale Tobacco Broker

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6 Responses to Tobacco Leaf… It’s What We Specialize In!

  1. I like that you mentioned that buying a whole leaf saves money because there’s not tax on the whole tobacco leaf. Manufactured products go through a long process where there are tons of chemicals put in. I think Buying whole leaf is the best way to ensure that you get the most natural tobacco smoking or chewing experience.

    • Thank you for the feedback Cameron! We are proud to be providing an alternative to the toxic products that are being distributed by the tobacco industry giants like Philip Morris and co.

  2. I found this article so fascinating about tobacco…

    My dad smoked cigars, cigarettes, and pipes…

    Out of the three I loved the pipe smell the best.

    He would let me put the tobacco into his pipe, and I loved the smell of moist tobacco.

    Quick question…can you make pipe tobacco out of these leaves or are they in dried form?

    Dr. Lisa

    • Thank you for the interesting comment Lisa! I also enjoyed my Grandfather’s cigar smoking when I was very young, and liked playing with the cigar boxes he’d accumulate. Our tobacco leaf can certainly be used to make various blends of pipe tobacco. It comes in the whole leaf format with the stem intact so you’d need to do a bit of processing. Your tobacco leaf will arrive with a nice fresh liveliness and should never be dry and crumbling by the time you receive it. With that you’d be able to grind up the fresh leaf to pack in the pipe! If the tobacco does dry out over time, you can just add a little moisture to it, put in a bag and seal it for an hour. The moisture will even out, throughout the rest of the dried leaf. You will then want to let it adequately dry to it’s most usable state.

      Thank you for asking such a good question!

      • Where did all the rest of the money that the tobacco companies paid to the government as restitution go? Could it be that it went to the class action lawyers who recycled it to the politicians or the politicians used it to complete pet projects to appease special interests? Just keep on smoking folks. We need your tax dollars.

        • That’s actually the nice thing about buying whole leaf tobacco, there is no federal tobacco tax applied because it is not a commercially manufactured tobacco product. This keeps money out of the big tobacco companies (the poison distributors) hands as well. Thank you for your insights, they are appreciated!

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