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Whole Leaf Tobacco Handling & Storage Tutorial

Whole Leaf Tobacco Handling & Storage Tutorial

Have you just received your order and now find yourself wondering about tobacco storage?  In this video, Louis Brains breaks down everything you need to know about the handling and storage of your freshly delivered tobacco!


When you order fronto or any other wrapper grade tobacco leaf, you will receive it in bundles.  A bundle is also referred to as a ‘hand of tobacco’.



Your leaf will be packaged in a clear plastic bag, that has wholes cut in it for aeration.  holes are put in the bag so that the tobacco can breathe while it ships to you.  Why bother to go through the extra effort?  Because if you store fresh leaf in a tightly sealed bag, it will begin to mold.


When you get your package of tobacco, we recommend that you re-use the bag that it comes in for ongoing storage in a cool, dark and dry place.  You do not need to tightly close the bag, just folding the plastic underneath, or even letting it sit open is just fine.


If you leave your tobacco out of the bag, you will find that it dries to a crisp in short time.  While you don’t have to be afraid of your tobacco drying up, you need to be really careful handling in this state.  If you find your tobacco has dried up, grab a handy spray bottle and mist with water on both sides.  Return to your leaf in about 10-15 min. and you will be able to handle it as if fresh.  You will want it to dry just to the point that the leaf becomes fully pliable with no excess moisture… this is when it’s ready for you to roll up, smoke or do whatever else you need!


If ordering some filler tobacco for cigarettes it will arrive in bundled loosely in the bag (not tied at the stem, like the hands/bundles I mentioned earlier).  You would also want this leaf to be pliable when you go to shred it, if you prefer it all be of the same consistency.  Many people prefer their cigarette tobacco to be shredded to 1.5 mm sized pieces.  To do this efficiently you can use a manual tobacco cutter (click here for more info), the electric Powermatic Tobacco Shredder (click here for more info), or you can improvise and use a device from your kitchen.  Make your own cigarettes so they function just like the ones you buy at the convenience store by using cigarette tubes and an electric cigarette injector (click here for more info.)


Filler tobacco for cigars is delivered in pristinely flattened stacks, ready to roll up with your preferred wrapper and binder leaves.  You do not need to be concerned with shredding cigar filler leaf, as it is never shredded.  Cigar filler leaves are rolled up length wise inside of the wrapper leaf.  When hand rolling a cigar, as many of these leaves as possible are compressed together before being rolled (or to your personal preference).  Be sure to pick up the appropriate accessories if you want to make your own hand rolled cigars… it will save you a lot of time and make your life so much easier!


We hope you were able to find our tobacco storage tips useful!


Call us at 1-802-776-8983 If you have any questions about your tobacco, or are just looking for some advice to help you make an order.


Caleb Wright

Wholesale Tobacco Broker

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