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Wholeaf.com is YOUR most trusted source online for Whole Leaf Tobacco.

As an enthusiast smoker… imagine having a endless supply of your own whole leaf tobacco.

Fronto, Shade Leaf… we have it all!

Picture yourself saving thousands per year while at the same time enjoying tobacco that tastes so fresh it’s as if

“you have never smoked the real thing before”

Once you try whole leaf tobacco, you’ll never go back to the “processed stuff” ever again… 100% Guaranteed!

wholesale tobacco - premium connecticut shade leaf

At Wholeaf Tobacco We Take Pride In The High Quality Of Our Product

Fronto leaf, Fanta LeafGrabba leafShade leaf, Broadleaf are varieties of Connecticut tobacco (wrapper grade leaf).  Great for rolling your own cigars or other smoking related uses.

Make Your Own Cigarettes

Canadian Virginia Flue Cured, Burley and Semi Oriental 456 are just a few varieties of whole leaf tobacco that are used in making cigarette blends (we have 8 varieties YOU can choose from).  Save money by making your own cigarettes with our Cigarette Filler Tobacco.  Discover the different types of blends that are possible when making cigarettes by browsing our Tobacco Leaf Combination Packs.  Make your life easier with our “Make Your Own Cigarette” Accessories.

We also carry many other types of tobacco leaf at wholesale prices, so be sure to check out our selection of Wholesale Tobacco.

Our Most Popular Whole Leaf Tobacco

Fronto , Grabba, Shade Leaf & More... Wholeaf.com Customer Favorites.
QB52 Fronto Leaf

QB52 Fronto Leaf

The QB-52 Fronto leaf is a high quality cigar wrapper that can be found in urban/metropolitan area convenience stores & specialty tobacco shops.  This is one of our best selling varieties of wholesale tobacco / fronto.
Connecticut Fronto Leaf

Connecticut Fronto Leaf

The Connecticut Tobacco / Fronto Leaf is of a higher quality than most other fronto.  They are quite uncommon to find in the connecticut tobacco market as Connecticut broadleaves/fronto are known for being used in premium quality hand rolled cigars.
2011 Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaf

2011 Dark Air Cured Fronto Leaf

Dark Air Cured Fronto leaf is usually used as a cigar wrapper, binder or filler.  These leaves are of high quality & very similar to fronto leaves sold in the Caribbean.  Wholesale tobacco prices are still available for this leaf, in limited quanitity.
Premium Connecticut Shade Leaf

Premium Connecticut Shade Leaf

Connecticut Shade Leaf is very popular amongst tobacco enthusiasts. It has an earth brown / tan appearance, and has a velvet thin consistency.  This is the smoothest tasting leaf that money can buy!
Havana #7 Broadleaf

Havana #7 Broadleaf

The Havana #7 Connecticut Broad Leaf is a favorite of our wholesale tobacco customers.  It is light in color, fresh in appearance and large in size.  True Havana flavor, it doesn’t get much better than this.
1LS Connecticut Broadleaf

1LS Connecticut Broadleaf

A popular middle tone wrapper, with a mellow tan on the outer leaf and a softer/darker tone on the inside.  Medium in strength and tone, it is a smooth, bold and clean tasting filler, with a strong but not overpowering taste.

Meet YOUR Personal Whole Leaf Tobacco Broker

My name is Caleb Wright, and I am YOUR personal Whole Leaf Tobacco broker from Wholeaf.com. I’m here to help you get the right tobacco leaves at the lowest price possible everyday. We speed up the learning process for new customers by setting you up with a special order[Read more]

YOUR Fronto Leaf Variety Buyer’s Guide

  It seems like I get at least several calls a day asking one popular question… What kind of Fronto leaves do you carry? I usually reply, “There’s 5 or 6 different kinds, it depends on your personal preference, but I will explain the differences to you [Read more]

Whole Leaf Tobacco Handling & Storage Tutorial

Have you just received your order and now find yourself wondering about tobacco storage?  In this video, Louis Brains breaks down everything you need to know about the handling and storage of your freshly delivered tobacco! When you order fronto or any other wrapper grade to[Read more]

Want To Grow YOUR Own Tobacco?

growing tobacco made easy

With our vast selection of tobacco seeds, you can grow your favorite kinds of tobacco, experience a fresh harvest and smoke the best tobacco you’ve ever tasted… grown by YOUR VERY OWN HANDS!

Want to learn how to grow the biggest and baddest tobacco plants your imagination can conjure?  It helps to know exactly what goes into growing healthy and high yielding tobacco plants.  We suggest you check out what we consider to be the ultimate tobacco growers resource… a guide called “Tobacco Growing Made Easy” written by our good friend and tobacco cultivation expert; Geoff Thrower.