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Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco


Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco

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USDA Certified Organic American Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco is now available through Wholeaf.com!

After years of lining up the pieces to the puzzle, we have become certified to hold and sell organic tobacco.  We have found the highest quality sources for our very first organic whole leaf tobacco selection.

This leaf is originally grown in Canada.  If you are familiar with our standard Canadian Virginia Flue Cured, you will know what to expect from this tobacco.  Except you can prepare yourself for a higher quality, and more enjoyable smoking experience, with a more pungent flavor than the conventional offering.

  • Commonly used in hookah, pipe and American cigarette tobacco blends.
  • This Canadian leaf is very light and bright yellow and arrives with a very fresh, pungent fragrance.  Flue cured leaves are regularly used for everyday smoking use.
  • Also called Brightleaf Tobacco, Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco is one of the commonly used leaves in the industry as a major component in cigarette, hookah and pipe blends.
  • This leaf is not considered wrapper grade leaf, as it is not regularly handled with the same care.
  • We also have a lighter version of this leaf available that you can blend with this, called Organic American Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco.
  • Roll your cigarettes with whole leaf tobacco, and have confidence that the contents haven’t been handled by a commercial processor.

Interested in purchasing a quantity of Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco at the incredible prices listed below? Contact us to set up your order today!


LBS Price
10-19 $20.00
20-49 $18.00
50-99 $16.00
100-199 $14.00
200-499 $12.00
500-999 $10.50
1000+ $9.00


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Certified Organic Whole Leaf Tobacco

We are proud to offer a growing selection of Organic Whole Leaf Tobacco

Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured

Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured

The Canadian Virginia Flue Cured tobacco leaf is another great choice for your cigarette, pipe and hookah blends. It does a fine job of toning down a stronger tobacco in your blend. We think it mixes really well with our Organic American Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco. This Organic version of this type of tobacco is by far superior in all aspects to the conventionally grown product. Get yours while supplies last!

Organic American Virginia Flue Cured

Organic American Virginia Flue Cured

The American Virginia Flue cured is an excellent leaf for cigarette, pipe and hookah blends.  This organic version is similar to our standard version only in the qualities of the strain.  This organic version provides significantly more enjoyable experience smoking experience, with fuller flavors and an unparalleled freshness.  Mixes well with the Organic Canadian Virginia Flue Cured Leaf.

Organic Burley Leaf

Organic Burley Leaf

This Organic Burley leaf has an even darker, more red/brown color, and packs a more of a robust flavor that American tobacco blends are famous for. This leaf carries an incredibly distinct scent, unique to American grown Burley leaves.

Organic Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Organic Pennsylvania Broadleaf

This certified Organic Broadleaf is grown in Pennsylvania from Pennsylvania Broadleaf seed.
This light brown cigar wrapper leaf is most similar to our other popular Pennsylvania broadleaf, the QB52 fronto.

Organic Tobacco Leaf Scraps

Organic Tobacco Leaf Scraps

Lower quality, scrap consistency version of our organic tobacco selections.

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Cigar Tobacco: Wrapper Grade

Cigar Tobacco: Fronto Leaf

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Organic Filler Leaf:

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