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Tobacco Combination Packs | RYO/MYO

Tobacco combination packs provide maximum value and flavor for your dollar.

We have a selection of whole leaf tobacco combinations that will satisfy cigarette and cigars smoking enthusiasts!

  • Try one of our combination and experience a blend of leaf that you’ve never had before!  
  • Whether you enjoy cigarettes or cigars we are sure to have a combo that will suit your tastes.
  •  This is an excellent way to broaden your possibilities for tobacco blends.  
  • At Wholeaf.com, we help you get the most bang for your buck with tobacco combination packs that come in sizes large and small.  
  • Varieties of combinations range from American and Canadian classics, to exotic blends using leaf from around the world.
  • Large Combos come with 5 lbs. and Small Combos come with 2 lbs. of whole tobacco leaf.

Cigarette Tobacco: Filler Leaf

Cigar Tobacco: Wrapper Grade

Cigar Tobacco: Fronto Leaf

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