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Fronto Leaf Buyer’s Guide

It seems like I get at least several calls a day asking one popular question… What kind of Fronto leaves do you carry?


I usually reply, “There’s 5 or 6 different kinds, it depends on your personal preference, but I will explain the differences to you and help you figure out exactly what you’d like to order…



I’ll even get the guys down at the shop to swap some leaves of the other kind into whatever pound you order… and label them so you know whats what!”  Yeah, people love this.  No one wants to waste time.  You need to figure out exactly what you or your customers like for tobacco leaf and get right down to business.  This is what I help people from all over the United States, Canada, Jamaica, the Caribbean and beyond!


This is what inspired me to shoot a video, explaining what types of fronto we carry at Wholeaf.com.  You get a nice up close look at the leaf being handled, as well as an explanation of the differences between the varieties.  I even go over the different uses, and give averages on leaves per pound and leaf dimensions… it really is quite comprehensive in about three short minutes, check it out!


One of our most popular types of fronto is called the QB52 Fronto Leaf.  You can often find it at convenience stores in New York City and other metropolitan areas.  It’s known for it’s chocolatey dark brown color, smooth flavor and exceptional roll quality.  QB52 fronto is a 100% wrapper grade variety of tobacco leaf (click here to check it out)


Connecticut Fronto leaf M27 is loved by people who hand roll fine cigars.  It is probably the thinnest of the fronto leaf varieties, being significantly thinner than the QB52.  It’s thin more closely similar to a shade leaf.  Even though it is thin, the leaf is still quite pliable, durable and excellent for wraps.  These leaves are also very large, they tend to be a little bit wider than QB52 fronto leaves.


Dark Air Cured Fronto GR – A very dark and potent leaf, that is actually preferred for use as ‘Grabba Leaf’ by Caribbean Islanders and Jamaicans.  This leaf has the bold kick that grabba smokers are looking for.  If you like dark, bold wrapper leaf then this leaf will also satisfy your needs as it is wrapper grade.


Dark Air Cured Fronto ALO (grown in America) is a leaf that becomes darker and less potent as it ages.  Dark Air Cured leaves grown in America are smaller leaves, compared with all other kinds of fronto you can buy from us.  Despite their thickness, they still burns evenly, with a smooth yet robust flavor.  You can expect to find can larger percentage of wrapper quality leaves and a smaller percentage of leaves with minor damage.


Dark Air Cured Fronto CLO (grown in Canada) darkens in a similar way to the American version, however these leaves grow significantly larger and are lighter in color.  As a result they are somewhat lighter and smoother smoke.  These leaves have a decent thickness, that burns evenly and smokes clean.  You will find most leaves will be of 100% wrapper quality, and some leaves will have very little damage.


Dark Fire Cured Fronto is known for it’s pungent, smoked flavor that it gets from a ‘fire curing’ process (click here to check it out).  These leaves are cured to perfection over gentle fires after harvest.  Most leaves will be 100% wrapper quality.  However, Dark Fire Cured Fronto is more popularly used as grabba leaf or even to make chew, snuff or snus.


Call us at 1-802-776-8983 to get your questions answered about fronto leaf and get your first order set up today.  We will help you figure out exactly what you need, and set you up with a comprehensive order.  We even suggest samplings to enhance your order and speed up the discovery of your personal tastes and preference in tobacco.  Subscribe to our blog and keep your eye out for the information YOU NEED TO KNOW about whole leaf tobacco!


Caleb Wright




Caleb Wright,
Wholesale Tobacco Broker


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Fronto Leaf Buyer’s Guide

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