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What Is A Grabba Leaf | Grabba Leaf Is A Way To Smoke Fronto Leaf

What Is A Grabba Leaf | Grabba Leaf Is A Way To Smoke Fronto Leaf


In our latest video, we answer the popular question: “What Is A Grabba Leaf?”


Grabba leaf is the name of a popular way of smoking a fronto tobacco leaf. ‘Smoking grabba’ was popularized initially by Caribbean islanders and Jamaican culture.


There are certain varieties of fronto leaf that are preferred by grabba leaf smokers. The term “Grabba leaf” refers to when the leaf is broken down into strips/bits and rolled up with another smoking medium, or even smoked by itself!


Fronto leaf is also commonly used as a wrapper for cigars and people with ‘roll your own’ needs. However, not all ‘grabba leaf smokers’ use it as a wrapper. Most grabba leaf smokers only smoke it in the grabba leaf form. And many people who enjoy fronto leaf to roll up, do not tend to use it for ‘grabba leaf.’ It all comes down to your preferences for the leaf!


Watch the following video for our answer to the question: What Is A Grabba Leaf?


I hope that this video provided you clarity and valuable info that answered the question, “What Is A Grabba Leaf?”

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